Gain Control of Your Weight

Enjoy a life-changing experience with a medically supervised weight loss program. Our program provides individualized counseling, meal planning, and anti-obesity medications to help you reach your specific health goals.

About Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

During your first appointment, we’ll conduct a detailed assessment to create a diet and exercise program tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. If recommended, your provider may prescribe a safe and effective weight loss medication. A combination of nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change will help rapidly correct your metabolism, decrease appetite, and increase energy levels. 

Next, you’ll meet with our registered dietitian to establish the details of your meal plan. Our reduced-calorie, high-protein diet is designed to create balanced meals that help you stay energized and burn fat.

We offer two meal plan options: Combination of meal replacements with food, or food only

Our program includes regular follow-up visits, so you have access to ongoing support and education. Together, we’ll continue exploring healthy diet education, evaluate your food records, and plan strategies for overcoming challenges.

Ditch the ineffective fad diets – New You helps you learn new behaviors that will create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. We want to help you successfully lose weight, then sustain that healthy weight for good!

Here is a sample of topics we’ll cover:

  • The Plate Method and Portion Control
  • Physical Activity and Movement
  • Recipe Ideas
  • High Fiber Carbohydrates
  • Behavior Modification
  • Tips for Dining Out
  • Snacks to Promote Weight Loss
  • Understanding BMI and Body Fat Percentage
  • Fitness Basics
  • The Different Types of Fats
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Common Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths
  • Hydration and Fluid Consumption
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much weight can you lose on medically supervised weight loss?

Many people lose an average of 0.5-3lbs per week. Your rate of weight loss depends on multiple factors – no two bodies are the same!

Medically supervised weight loss is a very effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Our team creates a unique, individualized program with a focus on giving you tools for continued success. We help you change existing habits and build new ones, and teach you how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with balance and flexibility.

Who is a candidate for medications to help treat obesity?

The FDA has approved several prescription medications for use in people with a BMI over 30 or a BMI over 27 when a patient has additional obesity-related conditions. You cannot make the decision to take these medications alone. Our team will help you combine medication with lifestyle changes to help you reach and maintain your health goals. 

Will my insurance cover weight loss medications?

Insurance coverage of prescription weight-loss medications varies by insurance provider. Our in-house insurance specialist can review your policy and help maximize your insurance benefits for medication or other treatment expenses.

Our Weight Loss Medication Options: 

New You Surgical Weight Loss offers a diverse selection of medications to support your weight loss journey, including options like Phentermine, Naltrexone HCI/Bupropion HCI, Phentermine-Topiramate ER, Liraglutide Injection, and Semaglutide. We work with our patients to find the perfect medication for you, your body, and your weight loss goals.

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